Herbert Watson Thomas grew up working on a plant with his house and at his dad's saw in Hartnett County, NC. During WWII the power saw supplied the discipline near building material. After the war, Thomas perpetual serviceable at the mill, got wed and had two sons all since he even saw his archetypal competition. He before long formed an pizzazz in car racing, yet.

He started out as a competition car owner, past began dynamical. He began athletics as to some extent of a hobby, not missing to tinker near the works of the plant. But his winnings on the weekends sugared his sensation for the line. Thomas jumped in near some feet as in a minute as NASCAR started in 1947 and was in on the Grand National circuit (now Winston Cup) as soon as it was reorganized. One of the pioneers of racing, Thomas was one trying charger, ft to the floor, operator who made his mark on primordial NASCAR. Thomas said: "It's win or skint beside me. Second slot is ne'er fitting satisfactory." When he didn't win, he any crashed or blew up the car trying for the win.

At Martinsville Speedway, Thomas pulse Lee Petty for his initial win in 1950. Each year, his dynamical seemed to restore and he became the run winner in 1951 and 1953. Altogether, he took 48 victories in 230 starts which ranks him 12th all example. He picked up 38 poles which is 10th on the all event schedule. He was the basic operator to win twice over at Darlington. In 1955 he suffered a bad impact at Charlotte which took him out of the period of time for six months but he bounced proper back in 1956 and had bolted 2nd down Lee Petty in the championship once he was gravely eviscerate at Shelby, NC. This wreck in essence over his occupation in athletics separate than cardinal more scoreless starts. "It's too much dog-eat-dog out in that now," Thomas said at the clip. "I used to overhaul every person in the turns. Now they surpass me in the turns. It's incident to hang down it up.

"There's no use in moving if you can't be archetypal." He had won the Grand National Championship twice over (1951 and 1953), and came in ordinal for that description three nowadays (1952,1954, and 1956). Thomas was the first driver to win iii Southern 500's (1951, 1954 and 1955). He won 21% of his job starts, which ranks as the peak win proportion all-time among drivers next to 100 line of work starts.

Racing Career: 1949-1957, 1962

Starts: 230

Wins: 48

Top 5's: 122

Top 10's 156

Poles: 38

Career Winnings: $139,944

Born: April 6, 1923

Birthplace: Olivia, NC

Died: August 9, 2000 (aged 77)

Cause of Death: Heart attack


1951 Grand National Champion

1953 Grand National Champion

1994 Inducted in the International Motorsports Hall of Fame

1998 Named one of NASCAR's 50 Greatest Drivers

1957 Received the Buddy Schuman Award for faithfulness and remaining contributions to NASCAR motorcar racing

1965 Inducted into the National Motorsports Press Association Hall of Fame

1992 Inducted into the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame

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