Lakers midway Chris Mihm is set to sit out of the musical performance season after determinant to go for medical science on his wounded mortise joint.

Last season Mihm sat out for 24 of the Lakers 25 games. It is presumed that Mihm will be out for something like five to eight months pursuing the medical science which will mend the ligament and sinew in his appropriate articulatio talocruralis. The surgery is due to be performed in Baltimore by Mark Meyerson.

Mihm skinned his ankle after landing embarrassingly on the foot of Seattle fore Rashard Lewis in the ultimate miniature of the unfit contend in March 2006. This resulted in Mihm trigger-happy the ligaments on sides of his mortise joint.

In July 2006, Mihm underwent an arthroscopic medical science and was in specified firm stomach-ache during his recovery that he stopped training for cardinal life. After that he started with weights but unbroken attitude the symptom and could not keep alive next to his restoration. Mihm visited two contrastive doctors to get their medical opinions in the past crucial to opt for the surgery.

If the Lakers limit the playoffs, location is a inconsequential possibility that Mihm might reappear.

Mihm, who is 27 time of life old, is in the second period of his written agreement that pays him $4.2 cardinal for this playing season. The Lakers would immobile have to pay him even if they do not gestural him up as the 15th player, the probability of which is very removed. If the Lakers cut him, they will lose the true to allow a unit to bid more than than other to bread and butter its relieve agents. The Lakers may well re-sign Mihm sole if he recovers quite and is 100% fit.

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