The heat on the Motorola KRZR FIRE is hot and i be set to hot, i would liking to test this car phone individually but sighted as i would have to go all the way to Korea i would say peradventure not right yet but i have had emails and cognise a pocket-size give or take a few this miniature appearance. The stylishness of the cellular phone leaky social order so let me explain to you a infinitesimal just about the exterior.

This specific shining example from Motorola is titled the KRZR FIRE and babe it is on blaze because the new dye which is gilded red and of which looks so markedly advanced than the regular and imaginative dark and the blueish makes this cell handset vociferation OI locomote and clutch me if you challenge.

The Moto KRZR FIRE has muted sensor controls on the head-on of this insolent handset which routine immediately as you put your extremity over the lever hey oh yes split second entree. This cellular phone is a impudent phone booth and does have a 2 megapixel photographic camera which is beautiful apposite plus an SD paper slot for that surplus to requirements representation you preference to have.

All we stipulation to do now is sit subsidise turn our thumbs pray to the makers and anticipation it comes our way exceedingly presently because at the moment it looks like that's all we can do seeing as it is in Korea, but move on you cognize as cured as i know it will move here because it is magnificent and will provide like hot cake you mark my spoken language.

Overall this telephone set is impressive and the pros and cons are down the stairs -

Pros - Bluetooth, SD Card Slot, 2 Megapixel Camera, Great Styling.

Cons - Only one truly and that it is in Korea and not here near us.

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