If I should bow my guide let it be to a dignified crest.

Maori axiom.

And within is sure as shooting no crest more cum laude of woman unerect to than Mount Cook, at 3,766 meters (12,349ft), the tallest culmination in New Zealand.

Known to the Maori populace as Aorangi, the Cloud Piercer, it was formed according to their legend, on near the around peaks, by the foundation of the small boat of the ancient Maori explorers. Sailing on the tremendous body of water of Kiwa (the Pacific), the grounded small boat became the South Island and Aorangi and his brothers were turned to kernel and became the Southern Alps.

Mount Cook gives its entitle to a political unit park of most 70,000 hectares (170,000 real estate) and boasts the supreme striking peaks and glaciers in the Southern Alps. The longest ice mass is the Tasman at 28.9 kilometers (18 miles), followed by the Murchison at 17.7kms.

To the northward in Westland National Park and skirted by the Pacific Ocean are the Fox Glacier at 15kms and the Franz Josef at 13.7kms.

These glaciers are the locale of what without doubt must be the maximum striking athletics in the worldwide. On the Tasman for standard all skiers are organized in groups of six to cardinal and are led by a administrative leader. They fly from the Hermitage flying field at Mount Cook settlement next to their runner strapped to the organ of the aircraft and after 15?20 report overland nigh the Tasman seat at 2,500 meters (7,725ft) above sea smooth. They afterwards reconnoitre the long ski run in the rebel hemisphere, 12 kilometers (seven miles) of rising and falling bowls near both unproblematic and hard to please slopes, noncurrent ice body of water and towering ice and downfall formations.

The ski-plane's retractile ski were the invention of Harry (later Sir Henry) Wigley, who piloted the teensy-weensy Auster Aiglet aircraft on the inaugural landing on the Tasman Glacier in 1955.

For non-skiers in that are beautiful flights in ski-planes in a circle Mount Cook and Mount Tasman and, upwind permitting, short landings are made on the snowfields at the external body part of the glaciers.

Other happenings offered by the piece of land and milieu cover administrative district skiing, mountaineering, climbing, outdoor sport (outside the tract), rafting on the Tasman River, hiking and easy, sign-posted and guided walks.

An example of a healthy hike impending to Mount Cook small town is a two-hour walk up to Sealy Tarns. This is a steep, bullate trail that climbs 500 meters up the Sealy Range to a body of people of beautiful tarns (small height lakes) baby bird in mount meadows almost center to the crest of the length. Rich gardens of herbs and alpine shrubs facility the sudor of the scramble up and the panorama from the tarns is abundant reward for the energy. At the altitude of summer, the tarns can impart a exciting dip after a steep, hot rise.

For those near the instance and heartiness to upgrade above the tarns the rewards are whatsoever of the finest views in the piece of ground. Stark mountains hold the chief of the Mueller Glacier. Mount Cook lords it concluded the yankee horizon and Mount Sealy dominates the southeastern. Between the two stretches the precipitous, ice-ribboned flank of the Main Divide, with climatic zone downfall wood debate the Pacific to the westmost and the dry, tussocked-hills stretching to the Canterbury Plain to the easterly.

These slopes are unerect to slide and the ridgecrest is open and concern to unexpected changes in weather. Hikers venturing up present should be fit and fit equipt next to endurance gear wheel and tutelar apparel.

The grandeur of Mount Cook, the Cloud Piercer, draws company aft to New Zealand close to no other enticement.

Wrote Lord Byron:

"High mountains are a feeling, but the hum

Of quality cities hurt."

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