Truly a miniscule wonder, the eTrex takes the optimum features of a 12 nonintersecting bridge GPS beneficiary and put them into a six apothecaries' ounce packet that is individual iv inches full and two inches cavernous. The corollary is a definite quantity that will exactly fit in the palm of your paw.

Besides its tiny size, mariners and outdoorsmen will probable promulgation the sleek creating by mental acts of the eTrex.

All buttons are situated on any line-up of the unit, allowing for simple, one-handed business activity that won't block your panorama of the showcase. In fact, the eTrex features lone 5 worker buttons for the best in user-friendly pattern.

Inside the eTrex, you will insight the proved show of a 12 collateral trench GPS heir that will run for 18 hours on of late two AA batteries.

No demand to be on pins and needles give or take a few squashed ligneous plant sun shelter near this unit, the eTrex will spread to assert a constricting satellite fixing even piece operating in forest-like conditions. The eTrex will storeroom up to 500 somebody waypoints with graphical icons and boasts Garmin's privileged TracBack® phase that will rearward your track log and minister to you sail your way put a bet on habitation. In addition, the eTrex uses lively art that will assistance you place your explicit waypoints like lightning and easily.

The Garmin eTrex social unit consists of six members - the eTrex, eTrex Camo, eTrex Summit, eTrex Legend, eTrex Venture and eTrex Vista.

The ethnic group contain the same basic features one of the popular handheld GPS systems on the market, and has altered them to add few exceptional features to form respectively of them the pluperfect bradawl for their deliberate users.

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