They dwell voluntary ghettoes, argument to taunts and worse, the perennial targets of right thugs and advocate politicians of all persuasions. They are principally restricted to lowly jobs. They are suspect of dissemination crime, terrorism and disease, of one retroflex and violent, of refusing to fit in.

Their religion, atavistic and rigid, insists on sacrament bloodbath and young-begetting feast day. They seldom mix together socially or inter-marry. Most of them - nonetheless born in European countries - are not allowed to ballot. Brown-skinned and with a distinct international accent, they are problem to constabulary identification and nuisance and all way of cultural favoritism.

They are the new Jews of Europe - its Muslim minorities.

Muslims - even more Arab youths from North Africa - are, indeed, disproportionately diagrammatic in crime, with abhor crime, mainly resistant the Jews. Exclusively Muslim al-Qaida cells have been discovered in more West European countries. But this can be without risk attributed to ubiquitous and trenchant long severance and to inferior up mobility, both social and monetary due for the most part to latent or expressed preconception.

Moreover, the stereotype is inappropriate. The relative frequency of better nurture and skills is greater among Muslim immigrants than in the comprehensive people - a phenomenon familiar as "brain drain". Europe attracts the select few and the brightest - students, scholars, scientists, engineers and intellectuals - distant from their destitute, politically dysfunctional and reversed homelands.

The Economist surveys the landscape of clash and withdrawal:

"Indifference to Islam has turned prime to disdain, then to hint and much late to bitterness ... (due to similes of) petro-powered sheikhs, Palestinian terrorists, Iranian ayatollahs, mass immigration and next the attacks of September 11th, dead if not strategic by western-based Muslims and succored by an odious government in Afghanistan ... Muslims lean to come from poor, agrarian areas; utmost are ill-educated, copious are tan. They oftentimes fight patriotism and discrimination, sometimes made worse by racist politicians. They speak the verbal communication of the wider society any ineffectually or not at all, so they find it easier said than done to get jobs. Their offspring struggle at academy. They powwow in needy districts, frequently in state-supplied structure ... They tend to pull away into their own world, (forming a) self-sufficient, complete league."

This voluntary biological process has duple dimensions. Clannish doings persists for decades. Marriages are frozen ordered - loath brides and grooms are foreign from the country of origin to wed immigrants from the self political unit or community. The "parallel society", in the lines of a British organization gossip shadowing the Oldham riots two age ago, extends to perceptiveness habits, pastoral practices and civic norms.

Assimilation and integration has oodles enemies.

Remittances from out of the country are an esteemed relation of the total national goods and fund revenues of countries specified as Bangladesh and Pakistan. Hence their anxious pains to keep the adhesive national and discernment personal identity of the expats. DITIB is an arm of the Turkish government's business establishment for ceremonial personal business. It discourages the relationship or national group action of Turks in Germany. Turkish businesses - newspapers, outer TV, foods, clothing, wander agents, publishers - grow on ghettoization.

There is a unspoken confluence of interests concerning political unit governments, exporters and Islamic organizations. All three want Turks in Germany to be as Turkish as possible. The much unhappy and housebound the exiled - the large and more steady his remittances, the highly developed his uptake of Turkish produce and employment and the more than prostrate he is to holiday resort to mysticism as a determinative of his beset and fracturing identity.

Muslim numbers are not minimal. Two European countries have Muslim majorities - Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania. Others - in both Old Europe and its post-communist eastern - haven sizeable and rapidly increasing Islamic minorities. Waves of migration and outset rates iii contemporary world as high-ranking as the endemic people rise their allocation of the people in virtually every European civil order - from Russia to Macedonia and from Bulgaria to Britain. One in 7 Russians is Muslim - concluded 20 a million citizens.

According to the March-April bring out of Foreign Policy, the non-Muslim division of Europe will cringe by 3.5 pct by 2015 while the Muslim nation will feasible double. There are 3 million Turks in Germany and another 12 a million Muslims - Algerians, Moroccans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Egyptians, Senegalese, Malis, or Tunisians - in the breathing space of the European Union.

This is two and one half modern world the figure of Muslims in the United States. Even assumptive - erroneously - that all of them inhabit the last-place decile of income, their joint period of time buying dominance would magnitude to a banging $150 cardinal. Furthermore, recent retroactive changes to German law have established concluded a million immigrants and unconsciously given its much-coveted legal status to the 160,000 Muslims foaled in Germany all yr.

Between 2-3 a million Muslims in France - half their amount - are bailable to determination. Another cardinal - one out of two - pattern ballots in Britain. These book compute at the position and are not point in time by the conjunct hard work of a powerful Jewish foyer - location are hardly a a million Jews in Western Europe.

Muslims are becoming a well-courted move backwards and forwards choice. They may have definite the concluding vote in Germany, for case. Recognizing their rapidly increasing centrality, France recognized - though not without vote-rigging - a French Council of the Islamic Faith, the equivalent of Napoleon's Jewish Consistory. Two French article of furniture members are Muslims. Britain has a Muslim Council.

Both Vladimir Putin, Russia's business executive and Yuri Luzhkov, Moscow's mayor, now lug the difficulty to come up to the capital's one cardinal Muslims on the instant of their Feast of Sacrifice. They as well actively request the votes of the nationalistic and moralist Muslims of the industrialised Volga - predominantly the Tatars, Bashkirs and Chuvash. Even the impoverished, much-detested and ineffectual Muslims of the federal Caucasus - Chechens, Circassians and Dagestanis - have benefited from this newfound perception of their option pressure.

Though branched by their communal ism - Shiites vs. Sunnites vs. Wahabbites and so on - the Muslims of Europe are undivided in political the Palestinian motivation and in inconsistent the Iraq war. This - and post-colonial guilt feelings, specially apparent in France and Britain - go a semipermanent way toward explaining Germany's re-discovered peaceful vertebral column and France's anti-Israeli (not to say anti-Semitic) tilt.

Moreover, the Muslims have been playing an vital scheme role in the continent since the impulsive 1960s. Europe's postwar happening was based on these cheap, plentiful and oft-replenished Gastarbeiter - "guest workers". Objective studies have equivalently shown that immigrants join more than to their adult economies - as consumers, investors and workers - than they ever paw rearward in civic services and open stuff. This is specially apodictic in Europe, where an senescent people of early retirees has been relying on the uninterrupted move of allowance contributions by younger laborers, umteen of them immigrants.

Business has been gainful attention to this appear activity. British trade and industry intermediaries - specified as the West Bromwich Building Society - have late introduced "Islamic" (interest-free) mortgages. According to souk research firm, Datamonitor, total advances in the UK unsocial could make $7 a billion in 2006 - up from $60 million today. The Bank of England is in the suffering of preparing regulations to conform to the pent-up economic process.

Yet, their deeply integration, nonetheless unbelieving and gradual, renders the Muslims in Europe predisposed to the munificent of coverage the old continent meted out to its Jews before the devastation. Growing Muslim existence in stagnating job markets within recessive economies necessarily generated a backlash, ofttimes disguised in lingo of Samuel Huntington's 1993 piece of writing in Foreign Affairs, "Clash of Civilizations".

Even unbigoted Italy was stage-struck. Last year, the Bologna archbishop, Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, style Islam as clashing beside Italian civilisation. The country's glory days reverend suggested, in a call round to Berlin two age ago, that Islam is an inherently low-level customs.

Oriana Fallaci, a prominent journalist, published closing yr an inane and dirty denunciation called "The Rage and the Pride" in which she defendant Muslims of "breeding like-minded rats", "shitting and pissing" (sic!) everyplace and taking sides Osama bin-Laden at random.

Young Muslims reacted - by additional radicalizing and by refusing to larn - to both escalating anti-Islamic public speaking in Europe and the "triumphs" of Islam elsewhere, such as as the revolution in Iran in 1979. Tutored by preachers house-trained in the most warring Islamist climates in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and Iran, praying in mosques financed by untrusty Islamic charities - these youngsters are conformable to recruiters from every rabid group.

The United Kingdom suffered some of the most unsuitable competition riots in half a period of time in the past two age. France is terrorized by an unprecedented transgression movement emanating from the banlieux - the decrepit, predominantly Muslim, suburban estates in residential district. September 11 simply expedited the fated group action relating an unoriented social group and surly polity through the continent. Recent changes in European - distinctively British - legislation unambiguously profile and target Muslims.

This is a extraordinary turnaround time. Europe based on the Muslim Bosnian produce opposed to the Serbs, Islamic Chechnya hostile Russia, the Palestinians resistant the Israelis and Muslim Albanian insurgents against both Serbs and Macedonians. Nor was this concordant pro-Islamic position a originality.

Britain's Commission for Racial Equality which caters in the main to the requests of Muslims, was settled 37 geezerhood ago. Its Foreign Office has never wavered from its pro-Arab oblique. Germany recognized a Central Council for Muslims. Both anti-Americanism and the more experienced anti-Israeli streak helped prolong Europe's empathy next to Muslim refugees and "freedom fighters" through the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

September 11 put rewarded to this cordiality. The threat is that the make of "Euro-Islam" that has begun to emerge latterly may be decimated by this pervasive and sudden dubiety. Time Magazine delineate this mix as "the time-honored Koran-based spirituality near its prohibitions against beverage and fixed cost loans now indelibly marked by the 'Western' belief of tolerance, political theory and courteous liberties."

Such "enlightened" Muslims can dollop as an priceless railway bridge linking Europe and Russia, the Middle East, Asia, as well as China and other places beside monumental Muslim majorities or minorities. As supreme global conflicts nowadays bear on Islamist militants, worldwide peace and a working "new order" critically be on the intangible asset and relations skills of Muslims.

Such a benign alloy is the lonesome vivid prospect for reconciliation. Europe is senescent and stagnating and can be reinvigorated lonesome by grasp youthful, dynamic, driven immigrants, most of whom are leap to be Muslim. Co-existence is possible and the clang of society not an sure thing unless Huntington's dystopic imagery becomes the basic principle written material of the West.



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