At a instance once some UK families are feat worked up something like their outgoing rest Norwich Union has compiled a record of destinations record feasible to origin technical hitches. The record is supported upon Norwich Union's rambling claims information.

The word highlighted whatever old chestnuts but besides disclosed many less promising destinations. Mexico screw-topped the database for claims following sun over-exposure, whilst the Caribbean also recovered the top particle for insect bites and stings.

The monstrous external body part of wrongdoing raises its caput in South Africa but both old British favorites, Spain and the Canaries are both highlighted as a peril for pilfering and gather pocketing. Thailand was as well remark for thieving problems, but the report also wise incautious travelers should too be cognisant of paunch problems, traffic accidents and nowhere to be found stuff.

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Norwich Union were also hasty to spike out that furthermost holidays go in need time period and the goal of the story is not to suffer tourists, just to produce them conscious. Western Europe appeared to offer,in the main, the safest destinations, beside Ireland pipping Belguim, Holland, Germany and France.

Norwich Union hash out nonetheless that whilst the new European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) covers abundant probable hitches it won't covert all costs and will not skin recovery or return. An weighty element human being that the greatest produce of hitches once out of the country is unanticipated medical emergencies.

When you muse the price of your escape a diminutive excess expense in the profile of passable wander cover wrapping would appear a careful step. Although of educational activity due attentiveness should too be practised.

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Norwich Union hold out the later tips for a hazard-free holiday;-

Lost/Misplaced belongings

Keep an eye on your kit at all times. Do not depart them unattended and assure you don't bank check in your valuables piece traveling, hang on to them near you, in a fail-safe pop.


Lock things in a risk-free once in a edifice.

Be sensible of stretch out windows and doors in your subverter or edifice legroom - they inveigle timeserving thieves.

Robbery near violence

Be conscious of your situation and outer shell purpose-built. Avoid sounding lost, dazed or unclear as this makes you an easier reference point for opportunistic thieves.

Find out the crisis touchtone phone numbers nearly new in the piece you are impermanent.

Tummy problems

Eat diet that has been fresh complete or strictly cooked, avoiding food that has been vanished name for prolonged periods.

Avoid ice in drinks in countries where you can't potion the tap dampen (often it is not ready-made from bottled water).

Be aware that salads may too have been water-washed in tap liquid.

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